How it works

Are you looking for a job? Find more jobs faster!

  1. Create profile here
  2. Upload information and preferences
  3. Job postings will be texted to your phone
  4. Accept the job postings by responding to the SMS
  5. Then just make sure you show up!
  6. After the job is complete rate the employer

Remember employers rate all job seekers, so ensure that you do great work!

Looking for employees? We save you time and money when you hire through Kwado

You can begin in five simple steps

  1. Create profile
  2. Post job
  3. Receive profiles of job seekers
  4. Review profile and select a job seeker
  5. System will send the job seeker your offer for employment
  6. When they accept, you receive their phone number to make final arrangement
  7. After the job is complete, rate the employee

Remember job seekers rate all employers, so ensure you treat them fairly.

We understand the daily challenges faced by thousands of urban refugees, migrants and youth across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Kwado will help them to

  1. Connect to the job market through online job postings
  2. Enable workers to build credibility through establishing a track record of work completed
  3. Provide connections to skills upgrading – Sign up with Kwado and we will send you notifications of training opportunities in high demand industries and jobs.

Kwado allows

  • Employers looking for candidates to simply post jobs on the platform
  • Candidates looking for work initially register via a local KwadoConnect agent to receive job notifications based on skill set via SMS as jobs are posted

Benefits of Kwado

  • Meet labour demands for employers
  • Increase skill quality in key industries
  • Increase income earning potential for job seeker
  • Provide access to potential employment
  • Expand employers and job seekers professional network
  • Gather important data about respective industries

Labour Market Information

Our job matching technology allows us to gather data about skill gaps in the market, and trends within the labour market of key industries. We proactively channel people into skill upgrading opportunities as aligned with economic growth short-courses, and certification programs based on factors such as job demand, and seasonality employment demands. Contact us to learn more about our labour market information.