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Why we do what we do

Throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, many people (urban refugees, migrants and youth) often lack the social and professional networks to access job opportunities in both the formal and informal sector. For example, in Ghana the informal sector accounts for 75% of employment and 55% of GDP.

Traditional methods to find jobs in the informal sector include word of mouth referrals (which is inconsistent), a job agent or waking up early in the morning to cash corners. In all cases, the process to hire or get employed is not efficient for both the employer or employee. This problem is not just in Ghana but it is across many sub-Saharan African countries.

Solution – Kwado

Kwado is an online job matching platform that connects employers (companies, contractors, private individuals) to low-to-mid wage job seekers in the construction industry.

Our platform identifies and proactively sends available jobs to job seekers through text-messaging. This enables job seekers to apply to available positions instantly.

We are beginning in the construction industry... but plan to expand to other growing industries.